Thursday, March 15, 2012

God's Faithfulness and Eternity part 2

Lately I have been up and down in my emotions, worrying about the things of this world and really allowing it to alter my mood. It is frustrating in a way because I dont like being this way. I become ineffective for God and there is little joy. But what is so cool is that God is SO FAITHFUL TO ME. I wish I could hold onto that better in my mind and thought process but hey it is about progress not perfection (Elizabeth Elliot) Everytime I seek His face, He helps me and brings peace even if I continuously keep coming back day after day. For instance, all weekend was rough and Monday came around with a new week of work. It was rough. I did not sleep well the night before and I was struggling with my mindset. I got ready and did my routine as usual and went to my husband's business to help him open. It was hard but all of a sudden BAM God's peace with constant prayer came upon me. Work at the daycare went well and after work, my husband surprised me to take me out for coffee just to spend time with me. We also were celebrating because we now officially owe our trailer. It was a good day. I could not even think about how I was that morning. God is faithful even now when I am still struggling.
Another thing on how God is faithful is how eternity keeps coming up. I read more of my book called Desire by John Eldredge and he was talking about groaning. We groan for the things that are not seen and sometimes we dont allow it. As humans, we hate pain but as he stated, pain brings acknowledgement of who God is in our lives. He uses the example of a lady who wanted to relax after being a speaker of a huge conference. She goes antique shopping. The first store she goes into is this real expensive one. She walks in sad and astounded by the prices. But then something caught her eye in the corner of the store. It was this beautiful stain glass window. She longed for it but then saw the price of 8000 dollars. She became angry and sad but then had a thought. She will be getting one just like that in heaven in her mansion God is building for her now. She walked away happy. So I started to think how can life around me that affects me bring eternity to mind. I started to think about Bob our guinea and his crazy squawking. Sometimes I also listen to the other birds that sometimes sound like Bob but isnt. They also sound more pretty then he does ; ) But how does that remind me of heaven? And then God brought a thought into my head. They are like little angels here are earth singing to their creator. It almost made me cry. God is faithful even in the small things     
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