Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Top 5 Tuesday- I am back! What God has been teaching me

I am back!
The top 5 things God has been teaching me since I was last on here

5) God is in control of the weather! 
    My husband and I have been homeowners for two months! It has been mind altering owning our 
    house, but the journey on how we got here depended on God who controlled the weather. For five 
    months we had to go through the process of buying a house with a few bumps along the way. 
    Three and half of those months, we had to live with my inlaws. Now don't get me wrong I am very 
    very appreciative of all they did for us. I am also especially appreciative of how God put peace in 
    my heart about it. But it was still hard. Everything was going good until the inspection on our 
    septic system failed where someone had to go in and fix it. In order for that to happen, the ground 
    had to be dry. It was January and we live in Pa with cold and snowy months. So we had to wait and 
    wait and wait. It kept snowing and snowing and snowing. When the snow started to melt, it would 
    rain. It was very frustrating! But then one day I was reading my devo from John piper and he was 
    talking about the cold winters in Minnesota and how God was in control of the weather as what is 
    stated in psalm 147:16-18 
       He gives snow like wool, He scatters the frost like ashes. He casts out hail like 
       morsels who can stand before His cold? He sends out His word, and melts them, 
       He causes His wind to blow and the waters flow. 
    Even that following Sunday pastor said the exact same thing! It was amazing to see how God was    
     telling me that He was in control and He wanted me right where I was at. I was able to find peace 
     in that. In the middle of April they fixed the septic system and passed the inspection. We signed 
     the papers at the end of the month and moved in within that week. What a learning experience!

4) The envelope system works wonders
     So since my husband and I are homeowners, we are looking ahead in wanting to pay off our house
     as soon as possible. My husband has been listening to Dave Ramsey and I have joined him
     recently in doing so. Against what my hubbie wanted to do, we started the envelope system in
     order to budget out money and put a name to every dollar that we spent. We did it this last month
     and realized that when we stick to something like the envelope system, we did not blow our
     money just on anything and had a lot left over. It made us be intentional about what we spent and
     how we spent it. It will be exciting to see if we can make our goal to pay our house off in 6 years.
     God willing I can talk more about this on a Favorite Friday sometime soon.

3) I need to be constantly entertained
     Recently, I have realized that I constantly have to be entertained by something or I will get 
     restless. I noticed the constant need to always check Facebook. If I am not on there, I check if my 
     mom is on skype or I watch something on Netflix. I was making it a priority over my LO and 
    chores around the house. It was controlling me. So I have made the commitment to not be on 
    Facebook for awhile. Instead, I now am listening to podcasts or listening to Christian music on 
    YouTube. I also have been trying to be more intentional on not getting bored but looking for things 
    to with my LO (she is in the in between stage of not completely depending on me but still can't 
    walk yet). I have just started this and I can't believe how much dependence I had on these things. 
    But now I am doing new things such as listening to podcasts, deep cleaning our house in certain 
    areas or even sing songs with my LO. I am curious to see what God brings my way

2) I am not as good of a 1 Peter 3 wife as I thought I was
     In the middle of December my husband and I went through a rough spot in our marriage. We just 
     had our 6 year anniversary and a lot of things had changed. We no longer worked together like we 
     use to. He worked long hours and had other friends that were not type of people I normally would
     hang out with. We also just had a baby and were adjusting to that. Sex was becoming just a 
     routine. Overall it felt like we were on totally two different pages, and he decided to tell me that he 
     no longer felt connected to me. This came out of the blue. I had no idea, and it was hard to take. I  
     became angry and resentful, but all the while wanting to fight it because I knew it was wrong to be 
     angry. Hurt but not angry and resentful. I really had to draw near to God and recommit myself to 
     being that 1 Peter 3 wife that I always took pride in. Now I have to say that, it is still a working 
     progress, but the key is drawing near to God and realizing He is still in control. The only person I 
     can change is myself and only through God. As long as I am being faithful to God, I need to give 
     the rest over to Him.

1) Guarding my LO's heart
     My mother gave me this book and DVDs called Guarding your Child's Heart by Dr. Gary Smalley
     It is an amazing book and dvd series. I do it when I can. The basis of it is transforming your mind 
     through God's word by meditating and memorizing scripture based off 4 basic truths that are from 
     God. I have been memorizing scripture and learning how to use them to help me live day by day. 
     The ultimate goal is to teach my LO these 4 basic truths to transform her worldview in being a 
     person who lives for God. I will tell more about it God willing on Theme Thursday.
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