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I became a Christian when I was seven years old. I listen to the pastor at church and something inside me wanted to know more. So I asked my mom and she explained to me about Jesus dying on the cross for my sins and all I have to do is believe. I said the sinners prayer and the day I started my Christian journey. But it was all in my own strength.

I was the good girl. I memorized all my verses for Awana and got my book award by the middle of the year. I went to Awana camp every summer and came home on a spiritual high. I did my quiet time everyday. I "kissed dating goodbye" even before I started in the 7th grade. I didn't kiss a boy till I was 17. I was involved in a Christian group in a secular community college. I also went to a Christian college in Oregon. I lived the "good" Christian life.

Then I left the "bubble" and what seemed to be apart of my life, was no more. I struggled with having quiet times and wasted my time with people that I consumed myself in. God really wasn't important to me as I much as I thought He did. I was convicted by what I was doing but not enough to draw near to Him. I did things that I never thought I would ever do. There was no more of the good girl. I found out who I really was. It hit me hard but God in His infinite grace and mercy helped me up.

Through a mentorship from God Himself, I was able to come to three realizations

1) God's way is perfect.

2) God is intimately and graciously involved in every detail my life

3) God's word is HUGE. It changes lives!

This is the point of my blog

To challenge and show women that God's grace and His word can help them through all areas of life.

I am progressing through life through His grace and His word. I still struggle with people pleasing and performing. But day by day, moment by moment as I continue to learn on how to wait on Him, He guides me in the way I should go. Even if I don't see it or have lack of faith, I know He is working on me even if some days it doesn't seem it.

So look around. I love writing about politics and our American Heritage, family things, but mostly whatever God shows me through His word.



  1. Hello, dear Kristina! Oh, it was so nice to meet you and to have you stop by my blog! What a blessing to read your sweet encouraging words! I wanted to let you know that I tried to sign up for your blog posts via email, and it won't allow me to. Not sure what is wrong...just wanted to mention it to you in case others are having difficulties! Here is what it says, "The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled." Have a wonderful day in Jesus!

  2. Love your blog purpose and the name itself. I feel like so often the power of the gospel and just highlight grace but not how it empowers us. Blessings.


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