Friday, May 13, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Grow- Growing Hurts

Now for another Five Minute Friday. The word is "grow".

Remember when you were a kid and you felt achy and your mom told you that it was growing pains.

Or those times when you broke a bone and you had to wear that itchy cast and felt claustrophobic  because you couldn't bend it the way you wanted to. That cast was to help your bone grow back into place.

Growing is hard.

Growing is painful.

I know for me right now in my life, I am growing in my walk with God. And there is alot of pain, emotional pain. There is pain because I cant let go of the things of this world and there is a tug a war going on, a spiritual battle for my life.

To grow means to let go.

To grow means to not fight.

To grow is to take what is broken and make it all new again.

God is calling out to me through His love and I still want to do things in my own strength.

God is calling me to let go of things and I can't let go.

But I have to if I want to grow.


  1. Growing means not to fight - - YES. Love this.
    Sarah (FMF)

  2. Truth Kristina! Growth hurts! But in the end it makes us more like Him!

    1. Amen! He is the one who gets us through. Thanks friend for stopping by

  3. So true, hurts, a lot...but thankful we have a Saviour who understands the struggle so very well and can embrace us through it. Hugs to you today xx

    1. I love that. He came on this earth to experience what we have experienced. he knows firsthand because He is God but also when He became the ultimate example for us. Thanks for stopping by friend!

  4. I liked the picture you made with words using the cast and the itching sensation. Yes, growing can feel claustrophobic. Thanks for visiting me today.

  5. Kristina, it is painful to grow, to stretch into the self God intends us to be. Much feels lost as we need to let go and lay aside those things that don't fit who we are now. Yet it is a healing kind of pain and preferable to the pain we experience if we decide to stay the same. Being rooted in our own gritty reality can make us stagnate. May God give you the necessary courage to make changes and the insight to see how much His grace equips and enables you to grow. His loving hand will never leave you. You can fly free! He's got you covered. Blessings and hugs. Xx

  6. I agree, growing is hard and often painful. It does mean letting go of things but while it is hard at the time, often we can look back later and see the good God has worked in us. Praying for you that God will lead you and enable you to let go of the things he is calling you to surrender to him.

  7. So very true! To grow is to let go (sometimes we have to even let go of our childish misconceptions).


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