Thursday, May 5, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Miss- Missing the Point

Here is to another week of Five Minute Friday. The word is miss

I have really been thinking a lot about what I said last week about having a "passing away mindset".

I will admit it. I don't.

And I realized this when my favorite candidate suspended his campaign. I am on the bandwagon to save our country because the other candidates will not do it.

I have discovered that I am a passionate person and honestly, I have always been that way.

When "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" came out, I was on it. Swearing by the book I would never date even if I was only in the 7th grade.

When the Baptist church was boycotting Disney because of the gay rights issues. I took it one step further and found a book which told me more dirt about them. I boycotted them for 10 years of my life.

As a teenager, I had my shirts buttoned up to the very tip top because I had to be conservative and not show skin to make the opposite sex stumble.

But am I missing the point? What should I be fighting for?

um...the Gospel.

People's souls.

Where my love ones are going to spend eternity.

All these things are temporary and honestly empty.  I don't want to miss the point of being a Christian any more.


  1. Great post, Kristina.

    Fight for the Gospel, yes...but it's not a bad thing to take small steps, and even detours, along the way. Even when we can't reach people directly, our actions and example can prepare the soil of their souls for another to plant the seed.

    #2 at FMF this week.

    1. Yes, my actions also can be an example to others. But I need the gospel to influence that too. I am at a crossroad. There is a spiritual battle going on. thanks for stopping by.

  2. Very profound and I'll admit I've jumped onto the same bandwagons!

    1. I wish we could disassemble those wagons. lol thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great post, Kristina! I, too, found it easy to jump on the conservative for conservatism's sake bandwagon and forgot to just love people. I read a report called Valugenesis 3 (or something like that) that profoundly changed the way I looked at young people and made me rethink my rigid stances. I'm a work in progress.

  4. Whew. That's a good word right here. We do get so caught up in things that ultimately don't matter. Good reminder for me!

  5. God filled you with passion for a reason and He will use it to His Glory. Love your reflections here. He will continue to guide you and take your heart where He wants it to go...all we all must learn to do is to be still to hear His gentle, quiet voice. We're all His works in progress. Hugs...God's holding you tight and not about to let you go.


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