Thursday, May 19, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Expect- Psalm 62:5

I really enjoyed my time at the #fmfparty this evening. I can see these group of people truly love each other and they give support to each other. I am glad I get to be apart of this community.

So...Here is for another go at Five Minute Friday. The word is "expect".

The word is expectation in this verse means hope. Yes I did look it up before I started my time : )

What does it look like to have your expectation come from God?

According to this verse, it means waiting silently for God. How do we wait silently for God? I can picture sitting on my bed all comfortable with my Bible and eagerly waiting to see what God will show me in His word. It is like letting go of all your expectations, hopes and biases and allowing God to work in your life.

When you look at this chapter as a whole, David's expectation was from God in the hardest of times when his enemies were taunting him. But he chose to wait on God. He chose to put his hope in God.

And stop.

But I really have to go. I was just getting started. : )

As with David, it is the same for us. Satan does not like us waiting silently before God. He will try to distract us by putting our expectation in the day ahead and what we need to accomplish. I know I have personally been there a lot of the time. But I think it takes constantly fighting back through God's word and praying to God asking Him for His help to put your expectation in Him.

Kinda cool, isn't?


  1. great passage. david holds onto hope. there is something to this "waiting silently" a still soul not running out ahead. The soul able to wait because it has unwavering hope

  2. You said this beautifully, Kristina.

    To me, the expectation is nurturing the hope that there is yet hope.

    #3 at FMF this week.

  3. I love this Psalm. It is important to wait on God- to let go of our own expectations and put our hope in him.

  4. Putting our expectation on the day ahead and what we need to accomplish: oh yes, so true. It's a battle, isn't it?! Thank you for your encouragement to lay our expectations down and take hold of the hope extended to us, Kristina.


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