Thursday, January 3, 2013

"What", "How" and "Why": my present circumstances in the crazy world

Lately, I have been researching and informing myself on our current state here in the U.S with the fiscal cliff, the gun control issue, just how this all will affect us. I get so wrapped up in it where I am torn. I know as a Christian Who is in control and how I need to avoid disputes which politics only produce, but what is my role as a Christian in politics? I want to do more. I want to stay informed. My world as I know it is falling apart but God is in control.
In my informing myself, I ran into this video on The Blaze website. Glenn Beck says that there are 2 issues currently invading the media and news: the fiscal cliff and Sandy Hook with the gun control. He says the media is missing the "why" the why it is happening. Beck then shows this diagram of 3 circles inside each other like a target. The outer circle is "what" as in what happened, the middle circle is "how" as in how did it happen, and "why" as in why did it happen. For example, for Sandy Hook the "what" is a 20 year old young man goes in and kills innocent kids. The "how" is he went into the school with a firearm he got from his mom. The media says the "why" is because there is no gun control. But Glenn Beck says the "why" is because of the young man came from a broken family and surrounded himself with this world's immoral values. Beck also has a target for "what", "how" and "why" he started his tv/radio program. He does it through books, radio, tv, etc. The "how" is through good hardworking people and the "why" is because of liberty, self empowerment, God, personal responsibility,  the constitution, freedom of conscience. That is the"why" he has started this tv channel. But it got me thinking what is my "what", "how", and "why" in my present situation? My "what" is what roles I have in this present time in my life such as being a wife, a employee at a daycare, a leader in youth group, a daughter, a daughter in law, a sister, and a friend. And "how" do I do this? I read God's word, I pray, I build relationships with friends and family. But the "why" is what gets me. "Why" do I read God's word? "Why" do I pray? "Why" do I build relationships? This is what my goal is, to figure out my "why". Or better yet, remain BEING STILL until God guides and shows me as I know He promises me. Will it be to share with others WHO is ultimately in control instead of fretting over the current issues that face us? Will it be becoming more intentional in my conversations with people? Will it be allowing God to work through me through His grace and strength? I really dont know. But all this really has me thinking. I hope I challenged u to think outside your box and look at what is really going on.
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