Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More than One Time Prayers

Everyday as Christians we experience spiritual warfare especially when we start the day with our quiet times. We sit down and open our Bible and start to read. Sometimes we might, like me, start out with prayer. But then we get distracted. Thoughts of every kind come into your head; what you have to do for the day or a situation that is brothering you. Everyone has those times.

During those times, I get out my journal and write a prayer about it. The point of writing it out is to go back to them when you have the same feeling and re pray the prayer. It can be even during those times when you just feel distant or distracted. Write it out and use it the next time you feel the same way. 

Some ways you can write them out are by looking up at verse and praying it to your situation.

Here is an example of one using James chapter 1

Dear Lord I give you this time of distance, this trial. Lord help me to have the mindset of joy that you are working something out to complete something in me. Help me to receive your wisdom and direction with faith in who you are and what you can do. Help me not to doubt but trust in you. Lord I need to guard my heart and mind. Lord help me to not give in to the temptation during this time to believe the worst of our situation. Lord heal my hurtness and open my eyes, shut my mouth and to respond in love. I know you have a plan in all of this. Help me to let go of wickedness and filthiness but to soak in your word and follow it.    
Another way is using it to pray for your love ones like your husband and kids or even those who need to hear the Lord.
When you are going through a situation where you need wisdom and don't know what do, write a prayer out. Every time you worry about it, stop and find your journal and pray the prayer you wrote.
A way that I wish I used more is writing out a prayer as a praise to God. Praise God every time for those good conversations you have with your kids by using just one prayer. Or even during those times when you don't feel very thankful but you want to.
The point of these prayers is for you to go back to them. Star them in your journal or even on index cards. Maybe you like to use different colors for every category of prayers you have. They have to stand out from the rest of your journal writing.
If you have any ideas on how you write out prayers, leave me a comment below and tell me.
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  1. Hi Kristina!
    I love checking in here every week for a new word from you! Journaling prayers is such a great way to get us thinking about how take it all to God -- our concerns, worries and our praise! I've been trying to pray scripture as a thank you for all he does for me and it's a powerful way for us to connect with God. Thanks for these words today! xo

  2. Writing out my prayers isn't something I do often, but when I do, I'm reminded how powerful it is! There's just something about taking pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) that helps me stay focused more on my conversation with God instead of just letting my mind flit from thing to thing. Scripture is such a great tool to keep us on the right track, too, because we know it can be trusted. Thanks for sharing this.


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