Thursday, March 11, 2010

The point of this blog

The point of this blog is to share what Christ is doing in my life. I started this journey wanting to find MYSELF in Christ. But I soon realized that it is CHRIST I am needing to learn about. It has only TRULY started this past January when Cyrus and I began to work 6 days at Boys Cottage.
My first thought of my journey is knowing how I came about in Christ. What I mean is that dreadful (I feel like it is only for me though) conversation you always had in youth group that seem pointless and had no direction. If anyone guess by now, it is the Predestination vs Free Will discussion. It has always been around in my life at youth group or at college. It is something seriously I like to think about. I really believe it has potential to help one understand how God works in our spiritual journey.
Another thought on my journey is how only recently my worldview has changed compare to how it was while I was growing up. It is kinda cool to see how it is connected to what God has for Cyrus and I in the future to come.
I am just excited to see what God is going to show me through this process as I continue to grow in Him.

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