Sunday, January 15, 2012

My tv shows and prayer

Last Wednesday, I just started a bible study at my church. The book is about prayer by Elisabeth george. I just got finished reading the second chapter for next week. The chapter title is 10 reasons why women don't pray. She gives the first 3 reasons which are worldiness, busyness, and foolishness. These first 3 screamed out my name! I feel recently that God has been convicting me of the tv shows Cyrus and I watch and how much time we watch them. Most of you know that I am a very opinionated person especially when my emotions are involved. Now I know this will sound weird but I really get involved in my tv shows. I remember the first time I got real upset at the tv was when my family and I were watching Survivor, the reality show. It was the finale and there was this deceptive man who won and clearly did not deserve it at all. Let's say he certainty played by the typical reality show rules. I got so mad where I started to yell at the tv. Yes I know really lame and embarrassing : /. Cyrus and I also recently watched this show called criminal minds. It was a good show but just way to dark where one night I had these really fleshy dreams. I felt evil! I mean my heart is definitely desperately wicked. So we quit decided to quit watching it. Last night we are watched 24, the last and final season. Boy this show always gets better every season. Good thing it's over! But once again of course I was yelling at the tv calling this one girl a whore and everything else I thought of at that time. I will confess at that time God put some thoughts into my head. "Kristina this is certainty bringing the worse out of u. Is it worth it?" I even dreamt about it. Is it really worth watching these shows where my mind is so invested in them? Not really... But I will confess, my flesh really likes it. I don't want to give it up but I really want my life to follow Christ. I have fears too. Like what is Cyrus going to say about it? I mean we always eat in front of the tv. What if he does not like the idea? I mean when we watch tv it is like this source of relaxation, a way to escape the world for a few hours. But then how important is my relationship with God especially if this means having more time to pray or get a new hobbie? I know this sounds dumb but it is actually this pleasure thing. But I am going to make the step. So please pray for me and most importantly pray that God can be glorified in this.

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