Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our American Heritage- The Bill of Rights

I have recently wrote and presented a presentation on our American Heritage. The journey God has taken me has been unbelievable. The next 5 blogs will what I have learned and is for you as a

church educator to teach the kids in your class about Our Biblical American Heritage. It is a very basic outline. I want to encourage you as a church educator to go into God’s Word and study it for yourself. It is important God lies on your heart what He wants to show you in order to teach.
The Goal for this curriculum is for kids to learn about:
Their Founding Fathers and their Biblical Influence on our country
The definition of separation of church and state
The Moral Decay of their Country
What is going on in their schools?
What can kids can do in order to be able to stand up for God by using Scripture?
Learn the Bill of Rights in a fun way
Each week there is a lesson, a scenario from everyday life to discuss in order to find scripture to defend their stance, and learning the Bill of Rights. The teacher presents 3 Bill of Rights for the first and third week, 4 for the second week to learn, and for the last week, to review them. It is optional, for game time, to play games in order to enforce what they learned about Our American Heritage. It is also optional for the scenario to be reserved for handbook time. This could be done in the month of September to start out the year and because September 17th is Constitution Day. It also could be done in February for Presidents day. This curriculum is intended for 3rd-6th graders, but anyone could take it and improve it for any age. It is important that we educate Biblically the next generation. EVERYTHING THAT IS BOLD IS NOTES FOR YOU TO READ AND DECIDE ON WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH IT FOR THE LESSON.

The Bill of Rights- in order to learn all amendments, the kids will use their hands and the use of the number to remember each one- my main source for this was Here are other sources to explain to the kids on their level

#1 Freedom of Speech- use ONE finger and point to your lips

#2 The Right to Bear Arms- show your TWO fingers and then make it into a gun

#3 The Right to not house soldiers- show your THREE fingers and then hide them under your other hand while saying they are going into a house and then pull them back “Get out of my house soldiers”

#4 The Right to not have anyone search your house without a search warrant- show your FOUR fingers and bring them forward like you are telling them to stop and say “where is your search warrant”

#5 The Right to not testify against your self- show your FIVE fingers and then cover your mouth while saying, “not testify against yourself”

#6 The Right to a speedy trial- show your SIX fingers and with the one finger bring over fast to your other hand who is your jury

#7 The Right to have a jury of your peers- show your SEVEN fingers and with the one hand face the palm towards the kids and then the 2 fingers in front of those also faced towards the kids. Make it look like 7 people in 2 rows just like you see in a real court room.

#8 The Right to no excessive bail or punishment- show your EIGHT fingers and with the 3 fingers slap the back of your other hand.

#9 The Right that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights do not define all of the fundamental rights people have- to be honest, I don’t know what to do for this one. This is your freedom to do whatever you think works. ; )

#10 The Right for states to make their own rules that don’t go against the Constitution- show your TEN fingers and form a state with them. I can form the state of California and Florida. Maybe you can do more : )

The next blog will be about the faith of our founding fathers. But the whole point of this is for you to allow God to work in your life and to impact others. 
1st you need to pray if this is for you. 
2nd if you have a heart to change this nation only by God's word this is for you.
3rd if you have a heart for kids, this is for you.

I challenge you to open your eyes to what this nation needs.

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