Friday, April 22, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Unite- United by the Gospel

Yay for Five Minute Friday! First of all before I start I have to say that even though I am not able to go to the fmfparty on twitter as much as I would like, this group of bloggers are very supportive people. And I wanted to thank you for that.

Todays word is "Unite".

A friend and I have been studying Philippians. Right off the bat, Paul and the relationship that he has with this group of  believers made me jealous. They honestly had a strong relationship based off of the gospel. The gospel was what brought them together and helped them together further the gospel.

But if you read on apparently the Philippi church was having problems within their church in becoming one themselves. Paul challenges them in chapter 1 and also the beginning of the chapter 2 to unite as it says in the message so that they would be able to live lives worthy of the gospel. They needed to come together and have the same focus. From there they would be able to love each other and then love others in order to preach the gospel.

What about you? Do you have a strong support system where you are united and support each other? I don't know about you but I really like the relationship that Paul had with this church. And it was also because of the gospel and their love for each other that they were united.

And Stop.

Lately God has put this thought on my heart of what His love through the gospel can accomplish in us together as believers but also how it can affect our lives personally. Earlier on this week, I wrote about how God's love through the gospel can help us overcome the things that haunt. Check it out here.


  1. Yes! I do have a good support system - not only at my church, but with a small group of ladies who attend my Bible Study. So important!
    Sarah #FMF

  2. That's awesome! My church is also amazing to encourage me to live out my life for Christ. Throughout I should want to tell others about Christ but I don't. But I am so thankful for them and their love and support

  3. The unity that God brings is beautiful. Supernatural. Our problem is that we get in the way of His work. Yes, there are real issues of doctrine. There are things that we shouldn't compromise on. But so often, these aren't the battles we fight. Instead, we fling insults at each other over minor, petty differences. Things that don't really matter in the end. Often I get upset about this, but then I am reminded that He still does this work. He does it every Thursday night and through all of these blogs. :)

    1. amen! amen! amen! Sometimes for me it is hard to see that He does work everything out. I know His way is perfect but the process in between is what I need to continue to trust in Him. Thank you for stopping by

  4. Great thoughts Kristina. I am blessed to be a part of a unique community within our local church. They are great at incorporating new souls into the Body and working toward becoming a WHOLE. Pray I will continue that thought process and live it out in my own life. I was your neighbor at #FMF today. So glad I stopped in! ♥

  5. I do have a very strong support system, Kristina.

    It's called Five Minute Friday.

    #6 this week

  6. As one who'd be considered a gentile Christian, I am so thankful for Paul. So thankful for his obedience to bring the gospel to those outside the jewish faith. I've never done the 5 minute Friday thing before...your kind thoughts about it make me want to consider doing it sometime. :)


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