Monday, April 11, 2016

Teaching an One Year Old the Bible- Israel in the Wilderness

Here is to project number three where I chose to focus on how God was powerful in taking care of His people in the wilderness. I started with the parting of the Red Sea all the way up to feeding them manna and having water come from the rock. I focused on the elements that God used to take care of His people.

First there was Moses.

Then there was the pillar of cloud that guided them by the day but also did not allow the Egyptians to see the Israelites as they crossed the Red Sea.

Then there was the pillar of fire that guided them at night and kept them warm.

Then there was the actual parting of the Red Sea.

Then there was the manna that came from heaven every morning.

Lastly there was when Moses struck the rock and water came out.

I used the Jesus Storybook Bible again.  The same Awana Cubbie Bible Verse Music app had a Psalm 33:9 which says

For He spoke, and it was done;
He commanded, and it stood fast
I was not sure what song to use since she loves songs but I searched on YouTube and found this

I do have to share something with you on this. We don't do this everyday. And my human lean on my own strength mindset kinda freaked out, thinking, "Oh I am a bad mom for not doing something everyday because she needs to know about Jesus". I knew at that moment that was wrong thinking. I cant do anything through this in her life. It is all Christ. I need to be directing her to her Savior instead of being her savior. So instead of doing it in my own strength, I need to be allowing God to work in her while still being faithful. It is such a fine line but so important.

I have also been challenging myself to become more intentional in the small moments with my little one. Recently on the way to the car or to the house from the car, she likes picking up rocks. I honestly want to just get to the car or the house. But instead I want to make the choice through God's strength to take the time to spend with her looking at the rocks. I can tell her that God made them on the 3rd day. I can show her different kind of rocks. I think what really matters is what is my heart and God only knows that and I want to do what He wants.

Please if you have ANY suggestions or ideas on what you do with your little ones on teaching the Bible or being intentional in the moment, please share.  

Also if you want to check out my other project I did with my little one check it out here.


  1. Hey Kristina,

    I appreciate the ideas you share. I too am trying to incorporate more of the bible into our lives for the kids. It's fun to see what other people are doing. We haven't done much in the way of crafts yet. We read lots of bible stories. We say verses before bed too - part of a memorization program me and John use. She also attends a class while I am in my bible study (Community Bible Study). She learns lots of songs there and in the nursery at church which we try to practice a lot at home as well.

    Otherwise, I think you are probably doing a great job. They will learn more from you than anything, which is a sobering thought and makes me constantly evaluate myself. I think you are right in just taking ahold of the little moments when you can direct them back to God. Otherwise I will stick by the quote from an old friend. "Your intimacy with Christ is the greatest gift you can give to the world." - Dwight Robertson. I think that applies to your family as well.

    Keep on living in His grace friend!

    1. Wow thank you for your ideas. I like the verses for bed time. I know that by that time I am ready to put her to bed but I think that would end the day with something we talked about earlier. I believe she knows : ) I love that quote! Drawing near to Him is always the key. Thanks so much : )

  2. I'm your neighbour at Tell His Story today and I love the ideas you share here. I love how you followed the theme of all the ways God looked after the Israelites and I used to love that song!
    I think this is the key point: "I need to be directing her to her Savior instead of being her savior." It sounds like you're doing a great job in doing that with the things you've shared here as well as being intentional about using the little moments.

  3. Oh that more parents approached teaching their littles with this kind of passion... my kids are all in the young adult phase now but they never stop absorbing how we approach life in the day to day. I know your post will be inspiring to more parents this week! This Canuck is glad to have been your neighbour today through #TellHisStory :)


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