Monday, February 22, 2016

Teaching an One Year Old the Bible- Creation

I firmly believe that the word of God changes people's lives. Also, as a new mom, I believe that the sooner you start teaching the better. My little one is 1 1/2 years old. Even though she cannot communicate effectively yet, she gets concepts. I think as a mother it is so important to figure out how to connect with your child in order to teach them from the Bible. Maybe it is through music or crafts or dare I say videos on YouTube. It is just so important to find those things in order to teach them.

So when my little one turned one, I began to try various things she might like. My first project was Truth in the Tinsel for the advent season. I learned that she really liked to color, paint, and glue. She didn't like play doh or markers. Also, she loved me singing songs and reading from The Jesus Storybook Bible.

For our second project I chose the creation story. I picked this because Awana has a book called How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph that focuses on the life of Joseph while incorporating five master life threads. The one that they had for one- three year olds was teaching them respect. I want to teach my little one about creation to show her that we serve a mighty and powerful God who spoke and it just happened. It is establishing how much power He has in our every day lives because He created all things. In return we worship and thank him for that. Now I don't explain it to her like I just did but it simple terms like

"He spoke and it happen! He is so powerful!"

Here is our final results:

I kept it very simple since she has a short attention span. I just helped put the glue on and she placed it wherever she wanted to. For day 2, I wanted to use cotton balls but didn't have any. So I used white yarn and helped her shape them like clouds. She had fun.
Also I used Patch the Pirate IncrediWorld C.D.. Every time I put it on she pointed to her numbers on the fridge.
For our Bible verse, we used the Awana Cubbies Bible verse music app. They had Genesis 1:1 and I would sing along with it. She sometimes puts her finger up knowing that's what mommy does when I say the reference.
It is super exciting to see my little one get things and get excited about it too.
If any of you have ideas on how you teach your little one the Bible, comment below. Honestly I am trying to figure out what story I want to focus on now that still focuses on how God is powerful.


  1. Your little one is blessed by your heart to teach God's word! What a fun activity to do together. When my daughter was 2 she often put her blanket on her head, telling me she was "Mary with Baby Jesus." What a precious memory.

    1. super cute! It is certainty a hard age sometimes but they learn so much and it is fun to see. : )


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