Friday, February 26, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Morning

Here's to another Five Minute Friday!

I love mornings!

I have consider myself a morning person. I can get up and start the day (most days : ) ).

Three days out of the week I like to work out. I use videos from YouTube. My favorite is Denise Austin or CafĂ© Mom Studios Anything under Be Fit and Popsugar. I can tell the mornings when I wake up earlier and get a good workout in.

 For my Bible study, I allow God to guide me in where I go. I am currently focusing on prayer with a friend who I meet with every Tuesday. I use and the Blue Letter Bible app for commentaries and concordances. For those harder mornings, I use John Piper's app Solid Joys.

Also during this time, God has blessed me with a daughter who can wake up and play and talk in her crib by herself. I am so thankful for this blessing. I also sometimes just enjoy listening to the little gift God has given to me. Of course it is always fun to greet her while she stands up in her crib.

We when come down for breakfast, sometimes we listen to God-Centered Mom podcast or Mom Struggling Well podcast. They are the most amazing women to listen to, filled with encouraging words to start out my day. If I am in a political mood, sometimes I listen to Glenn Beck on the radio : )

There are also other days that my little one and I do a Bible story and craft. Check out our project we just finished on creation. Other times we just sit and read. Here are a list of her favorite books.

As you can see I love my mornings because God has blessed me with a lot of things to enjoy.


  1. It's wonderful to have refreshing mornings and refreshing ways to spend them! Thanks for sharing your words and thoughts with us! Happy Weekend to you! (Your neighbor at FMF)


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