Thursday, February 4, 2016

Five Minute Friday: Focus

Participating with Five minute Friday again : )

As a mom, I sometimes wish that I wrote more about being one on my blog. Instead my current focus on here is politics and how it is shaping our world. Because of that, I feel like my audience does not relate because theit focus is their kids and very little to do with politics. But I feel like being a mom and focusing on politics is important. How you ask?

1) We do have some control over their future when it concerns the choices we are making as a country now by being aware of what's going on in the political arena.
2) We can use the current moral decaying of our country and its politics to teach how I country was based off of God's word.
3) We can teach our kids how the government works and that they have a voice by calling their representatives when they need to.
4) It should motivate us to prepare our children by teaching them through God's word on how to survive in this world.
5) It also should motivate us to teach our children that people are lost and don't glorify God and that it is our job as a Christian to tell them to make an impact on our country.

Don't get me wrong focusing on our kids is so important and I love my daughter so much but I guess I am just wanting to challenge you to focus on what it means to be a mom and focusing on politics.


  1. Hi, Kristina. Stopping by from FMF (I'm right behind you at #8). Your post convicts me. I'm all the time complaining about the state of things, but that's where it stops. I know I should be more proactive in getting the word out on my beliefs and helping to get things changed. Thanks for the motivation.


    1. Thanks Lynette! This is something that is heavy on my heart (sometimes too heavy because I get mean and aggressive 😉😬) but I really want to glorify God in this country. You check out my other post on how to pray for our country and our own souls.


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