Thursday, June 30, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Protect- Protector of Our Souls

Here comes another round of Five Minute Friday. The word is "protect".

So has anyone heard about the U.N trucks in like 25 major cities around the United States?

I sure did! My husband wasn't to fond of them. They are there to protect us. Protect us from whom you ask? That answer is different to each person you talk to about it.

Some like my husband would say that it is to protect the U.S from people who are wanting a change and would do anything to stop the government.

Others would say from terrorists.

But whatever reason they were or still here, we do need protection as a country. Not in the way you think. Not from our self serving president or sitting ducks politicians. No, we need protection for our souls. As Christians we don't know how much longer we have here until Christ comes back but there are lost people who need protection for their souls.

And stop.

This is something that God really has been working in my heart. Souls of people who are lost need Jesus. Everything in our flesh/Satan will try to stop us from telling others about Christ. Satan is going to try everything to hold onto those people who needs their souls to be protected. We know who the true Protector of souls are and we need to tell them about Him. No U.N trucks or new president are going to change things. It is us who need to step and see that people's souls are at stake.

 For you were like sheep going astray,
but have now returned to the Shepherd and Overseer[i] of your souls.
1 Peter 2:25


  1. Kristine,
    excellent post! Prayer is our weapon, God is our protector. We are to GO and share the gospel. :)
    Visiting from #8 at FMF this week!

  2. Good observation, Kristina.

    All I can say is that the UN better not come 'round this part of New Mexico. Lot of folks here value their wife rides the commuter train with some of them every day.

    #1 at FMF this week.

  3. So true- the most important protection is for our souls and we need to be intentional in telling others about Jesus.

  4. I'm thankful that so many are coming together and realizing that the most important thing is Jesus. Politicians come and go. It might get a whole lot harder to be a Christian in this country. But in the end, that doesn't matter. What matters is that the Lord holds our lives in His hand and we have a mission to complete.


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