Friday, June 10, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Want- He wants Your Heart

Here is to another Five Minute Friday. The word this week is "want".

Jesus wants your heart! But He cant get your heart until you have an repentive heart.

Satan wants your heart! But he wants you to hold
onto your pride, anger, hurt, and the things of this world.

Jesus constantly came into contact with person after person who wanted to have their bodies physically healed. But He saw it their hearts. He wanted their hearts to be healed. Their faith healed their hearts.

Jesus also came into contact with many people who didn't want to let go of the things of this world who preferred their treasures or even their "good works" above Him. Jesus still wanted their hearts.

What things are we holding onto that stops us from completely giving on our hearts to God? Do you know that He wants your heart?


  1. Kristina,
    Loved this very direct, true post, and the photo.
    The first thing I thought about when I saw today's prompt was Christ calling out too.
    Praying He shows and gives you the desires of your heart today.
    Your neighbor at 5minfri, Leah.

  2. Beautiful truth-filled post, Kristina. I know for me it's trust He trust Him even when fear grips my trust Him when He promises me He'll never leave or forsake me, that He's a good, good Father. And as I'm letting go of (perceived safety) and stepping into the fear, He's showing up in amazing ways...answering prayers in much bigger ways than anticipated.

  3. Wow it sounds so much like God just continues to work in those who are faithful who are willing to let go. We talked about that tonight at church. I love how God used you to say it through your own testimony here. Hope you are well


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