Monday, October 31, 2016

Looking Beyond the Election: Realizing the Power of God's Word for the Days Ahead

Getting tired of this election? Got one more week until we the people decide who is going to be the next president of the United States. But do you know what will be interesting to see, after all the hype, how after sometime things will wear off and very little will care with what's going on. But the reality is our nation, and I guess I need to include the rest of the world, needs to go back to the word of God.

Truth is no longer truth anymore. I remember talking about post modernism in college. We long gone past that. No one tells the truth anymore. There is always an biased agenda. Religion is long gone out the door decades ago but does anyone notice how even in the small things that the government are trying to take it out completely through rules that are not even placed in correctly. Then there is all this talk about the One World Order. Or have you heard about the Arab refugee "boy" who an European women adopted and took to the dentist to only find out he isn't 13 but 21? The world doesn't seem safe. The world no longer holds onto what is true. But as Christians we know what is true and we need to take hold of it before it is too late.

This is the point of this month's series, realizing the power of God's word in our lives and how we need it and to really know it. How else will we know the truth we don't have it in our hearts? How do we know what's right from wrong if the Bible is resting on our nightstands? How can we have hope that if someone we didn't want elected got voted into office? How can we know that God is ultimately still in control no matter what? God's word is what we have to hold onto, breathe into our nostrils, hold onto with a tight grasp in order to survive. 

You going to read about having faith in God's word. One writer is going to challenge you with a history lesson combined with the Bible to show God's ultimate sovereignty over all. Another is going to show us ways to prepare using God's word. A little bit for everyone that I hope God will use to bless but also challenge you. 

Before I end, I just want to press on you the importance God's word in your life personally. It was made to makes changes in people's hearts which in return can be transferred to others who will read it themselves and who also can have a heart change. So I challenge you. If you are unhappy with how things are in the our world now, start reading and applying God's word in your life. Memorize it. Meditate on it. Seriously think of one way you can start soaking in the words of God. Here are some ways I have used or I have heard from others:

- Index cards placed in routine places around the house or car- switch them up every once in awhile
-set an alarm on your phone and put your favorite verse on your phone's background picture
-instead of going on your phone, leave your Bible open in the bathroom and read it when you go
-download at app that helps keep you accountable
-have a friend who is willing to text you once a week to remind you of your verse

Do you have any ideas? It is all about intentionality, setting a plan and doing it.

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  1. Hi Kristina,
    I am so glad that God can use any leader to accomplish his purposes! Over and over through scripture we see that through the kings that ruled nations then. And yes, intentionally steeping ourselves in the powerful promises of God is a must-do for any and every season!

  2. Love this encouragement! Our Lord is faithful and good. Thanks for the suggestions on ways to get into the Word!

  3. Hi Kristina ... if we ever needed to be on our needs, pleading for God's mercy, it would be about now.

    Grateful to be rubbing shoulders with you over at Holley's today!


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