Friday, October 28, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Eat- What Faithful Thing has He done?

Here is to another Five Minute Friday. The word is "eat".

There is a verse in Psalm 37 that I immediately thought of when I heard our word "eat". It is in verse 3, "Trust in the Lord and do good. Dwell in the Land and feed on His faithfulness."

Feeding on something is eating. We are called to indulge in God's faithfulness when we want to trust in Him and do good. There is no other way. You cannot be able to trust in God and do good without eating on the faithful things He has done in your life.

One story I eat on is a time when my husband and I worked at a group home. It was rough the first 6 months because the kids clearly were unhappy beings and didn't want to be there. Who can blame them? But I took it personally because my life was built on how others made me feel. Until one night when I got angry at some sisters who decided to gang up on me about some consequences they had. I got upset and left the house very mad. When I came back after the supervisor was called, I even threw my socks at them and ran off. I was hurting.


I have to go on of course. : )

I realized that I couldn't go on feeling this way. So I contact the pastor who did my husband's and I premarital counseling and he led me to my mentor, Jo. She was a gift from God. A year and half later of struggling, God opened my eyes through her and His most powerful life changing word to show me that He was ultimately in control with those kids lives but also mine. He knows every single detail about my life and I could trust that.

So every time a person or a situation makes me feel powerless or the uncertainty is unbearable, I turn to the verse in Psalm 37 and eat on His faithfulness on what He did at the group home.

What stories can you hold onto that allows you to eat on His faithfulness to get through what you are going through right now? 


  1. Just this morning in my online Bible Study group, I posted such a similar question. I love how remembering and feasting on the past faithfulness of our God fills our souls with what we need in the moment. Blessings!

  2. Love this...oh where would we be without His faithfulness ... especially in our faithlessness. At my Mum's funeral her best friend shared of their weekly prayer sessions, how Mum would often start with tears and lamenting before moving on to recount all the ways God had shown up in hopeless, desperate situations before. I want to live like that: pour out my heart and feed on His faithfulness. Thanks for your beautiful encouragement.


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