Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas thoughts and happenings

I cannot believe that it is already the 13th! This Christmas season has gone by so fast with some exciting things happening. First, my in-laws gave Cyrus and I $500 to go visit my family in California. We are going out there next month. I am excited! Living far away from my parents make me appreciate them alot. It is hard not being around them for the holidays and I think my in laws see that. But I came up with an idea. I decided to wanted to spend the holidays with my parents (mostly mom) by calling them on the phone everyday until Christmas. My goal was to share what God is showing us this Christmas season and shared it with each other and pray about it. I have tried to add fun things like singing Christmas carols or going to and visiting a place together. I hope to watch a movie with them over the phone but we will see. I want to write this all down and share online somewhere because I think there are alot of people who don't live near their families and want to connect with them.
I think it is amazing to see how I serve a God that never changes. I think as humans it is so easy to  make a big deal about Jesus on Christmas and Easter but loose sight of Him all other times of the year. This Christmas season I have reflected more about this entire year and how He continues on to show Himself even more. I serve a faithful God! I serve a God who knows my heart's desires. I serve a God who loves and protects me. I serve a God who gives strength, peace, and contentment. The coolest thing is He came down as a baby away from all His glory in heaven to be a human, to experience this horrible human body and show us the true example we need to live. He uses imperfect people to prepare the way for Him for many many many years (judah and tamar, rehab, ruth, david and bathsheba) and even to bring Himself into this world. Such perfect grace and holiness!
Cyrus also gets to take a break this season from the business and work another job. It will be nice to go to the winter festival with him and his family since he won't be working at all on Saturdays for awhile. I just continue to pray as God shows us what's next. But I am excited for Cyrus being done for the Christmas season.
Also I get to direct, with a co worker, the Christmas program at the daycare. The theme is the sweetest Christmas ever. Everything is around candy. There is even a big part of the program where candy gives us a reminder of all the parts of the Christmas story. It is exciting to see the little ones knowing their lines and singing their songs. It has been interesting to see how it came about but fun to plan with co workers and the kids.
The Christmas is not over yet and I can't wait to see how much more God continues to bless us.

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