Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions part 2

For this next year, I have started to pray for a year of growth. Alot of changes are at hand. Cyrus and I might have a building opportunity for the business which means alot of planning and time put into it. Like I said before, there are also some things that might happen at work which will determine what my role in that will be. Obama, as we all know, was re-elected (yes I know old news) which comes with TONS of unknown changes that really might affect us for the worse. BUT MY GOD IS IN CONTROL. HIS GRACE AND SOVEREIGNTY WILL OUT SMART ANY CHANGE THAT IS AT HAND OR AS MY PASTOR SAYS, "I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! I HAVE READ THE END OF THE BOOK". So my new resolution for growth this year will  be listening to the small and quiet voice within me wanting me to do things that are unpleasant or make me get out of my comfort zone. Yes thats broad but let me explain.
 Changes! Changes! Changes! Changes! They are scary and unsettling especially the ones that are not in our personal lives like the government and taxes and fees and blah blah blah...but the reality is, it has to happen sooner or later. History has proven that to us. I got Cyrus Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck ( for Christmas on CD. is some deep stuff but to be honest, as a Christian I struggle with Glenn Beck. I think alot of the things he says are probably right about our government but I also dont like how he presents it. He is a mormon as we know and he brings up God and faith and truth all the time. I dont like it. If Glenn Beck truly believed in God, He would put his faith and hope into Him not trying fight against this or dislike that about Obama and the government. But like I said I think he has some good points politically and I think we need to be aware of those things and be prepared spiritually not the way he says to. I hope that makes sense. But this book really has got me thinking what AM I DOING SPIRITUALLY TO PREPARE MYSELF AND OTHERS FOR THE HARD TIMES THAT ARE TO COME? My first thought that I have been mauling over is how much scripture do I know if they took my Bible away from me. What would I have to offer to share with others in time of hopelessness and no peace? But then I had another thought WHERE IS MY/OUR URGENCY TO TELL OTHERS ABOUT CHRIST NOW? Paul was obsessed about telling others about the Gospel. He lived and breathed the Gospel. DO I live and breath the Gospel? I am around non Christians kids and parents every day at the daycare. Do I share with them Jesus and what He did? No I dont.
 Another thing I have been mauling over is being motivated by the grace of God to do things that I dont like to do. I can give you many times the past week where I felt like I should have done something to go the extra mile in helping someone. But I did not do it. I really believe that this is something that I need to do in order to die to myself and live completely for God. As you can tell, I have put some thought in to this but I believe these thoughts are still in their beginning stages. I need to pray over this more. But I really believe this is what God wants me to have for a resolution.     

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