Monday, July 29, 2013

Trust depends on how you see Him

God always shows Himself faithful while He works in my life. : )

I recently got my old pastor's sermons on CD in the mail on his Creation to Christ series. I was very excited and popped one in that evening. He starts out by going over the point of the study which is to know and see that the God of the Old Testament is the same God of the New Testament. He shows that through His love and mercy on Israel to bring about His ultimate plan that comes in Christ in the New Testament. We cannot understand God's ultimate plan if you dont know who He is from the Bible. Most of our points of view about God come from how we were brought up or what our church taught mostly from man made traditions. This leads into a conversation he had with someone he knew at another place he lived where this person did not trust in God because what had happen in Ohio with those girls. He emailed this person asking where they were coming from. Their reply was that they knew that the world is corrupt because of our sin but if God was so powerful and in control why couldnt He take control of some of the hurt and evilness of this world? My pastor ask the question, "Do we want a holy God take control and give us truly what we deserved?" Of course because of what God has showed to me through His word the answer is No. His wrath upon this evil of this world would destory us and do I wish that upon anyone who is not a Christian. Of course not.

Then my pastor went on with his study where he left off before in Genesis 37, he introduces Joseph. Joseph is a prime example of someone who knows who God is and trult trusts in Him. First, his brothers hate him because he knows what he needs to do in order to please God even if telling his dreams made them more angry at him. Second, they sell him to slave owners going to Egypt. Ok if that was me, I would be scared. But Joseph continues on being faithful to God and trusting in Him knowing He knew the bigger picture. Joseph shows that when he works for Potiphar and even when he is the one in charge while he was in jail. His trust in a God who knows the ultimate plan for his life was what motivated him to not fret and freak out but to remain faithful to Him. Wow what faith! What trust! That is only the beginning : )

The next day, I go to church, one that my husband and I are checking out, to the evening service. The first thing the pastor talks about there is rejoicing in the Lord knowing the Lord is at hand. His scripture was of course Phil 4:4-9. He then says the way we preceive God is how we are going to trust Him. We wont "be anxious for nothing..." but we "let our requests be made known to God..". In return, as He promises and because we know that He is at hand, "the peace of God...will guard our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

Do I trust in that just like Joseph did? Do I know that the Lord is at hand? Lately I just have been struggling with worrying about things that do not exist or even have prove that does exist. But why? I know my God is faithful. I know my God knows my heart and all my days from the moment I was conceived to when I die. Oh how I hate my thoughts! Pray for me as I continue to allow God to conform my mind to His will.   

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