Thursday, July 30, 2015

Theme Thursday- Guarding Your Child's Heart

My mother recently gave me this amazing workbook and DVDs called "Guarding Your Child's Heart". As I think about it now, this series follows after the goal I have for my LO that I discussed in a previous blog about the theme of this blog.  I want to be able to memorize and teach scripture to her in order to transform her worldview into a godly one and to show her how it can be used as a daily weapon against this dark world. 
The basis of this series is four Christlike beliefs that we need to hold onto. They are 
1) Humble yourself 
2) Love God
3) Love others 
4) Rejoice in trials
For each belief, there are two sections of 1) explaining what the belief is and 2) how to apply it to yourself and with your children. I enjoy the applying it with your children section on the dvd the most because you get to meet Dr. Gary Smalley, the author of the series, and his older children who applies it to their own children. They give very practical ways of doing it with scripture to back it up.  
The workbook is very simple and can be easily done in my free time. There are some times I can do it for my quiet time. The DVD segments are maybe fifteen minutes at most. While watching each segment, one can see Dr. Smalley and his passion for God's word. He applies what he is teaching. 
Because of this series, it really has challenged me to memorize God's word. I use some of the verses he suggests and add some that I come across when I read the Bible. I have about 17 verses I am working on. I use this app I found online called verse rain. I will hopefully talk about this more on Favorite Friday. But it has been VERY helpful and enjoy using it. 
This series has also convicted me on how I need to apply these four beliefs to my own life. I mean it is common sense that if I want to teach my little one how to live her life memorizing and applying God word that I need to do the same. But I will confess, it does not come naturally to me to apply God outwardly to all aspects of life. It is like I have to talk out loud in order for her to learn how to apply these beliefs to her life. That would be such a mess of emotions sometimes but I guess that's what it takes to be transparent, to humble myself and share what is going on in my life with my little girl. Well 1 Peter 5:6 does say if I humble myself under the mighty hand of God that in due time He will exalt me. He is faithful and has been working on my heart and in that I want to trust in Him.

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