Monday, September 12, 2016

Bible Resources I Use

So since a huge part of my blog is gaining Biblical insight through emotions we feel as humans and whatever life brings, I felt like it was important to share what I use and what has blessed me while reading and studying the Bible.

For starters ever since God showed me how real and active His word is in my life and made me see that it is no longer boring as I thought it was, He really has gifted me with just studying the Bible book by book or topic by topic. And it is always something that He guides me to. I believe He can do the same for those who pray to Him to guide them to what He wants. But I just take a book of the Bible and read a whole chapter. With my journal or sometimes notes app on my IPad, I write down observations verse by verse. It is kind of like summarizing it. As I read it and write the observations down, God works in my mind and gives me things to apply to my life. Now don't get me wrong. There are some days where it don't come easy or that I am distracted where I might redo it the next day.

For topic by topic, I look up the word or phrase or idea via concordance. For example, I did the fear of the Lord only in the Proverbs where I learned the reverence we have for God and what He does that brings the fear which then results in wisdom. But seeing how all the verses connected was so cool. Even those times when I feel distracted or going through a rough time in life, whatever the emotion is I look that word up and focus on that for the day. It has been a lot of fun.

But there is also times in my life when I really don't have anything pressing on my heart. That is when I turn to these sources down below. A lot of these are pretty popular but I am going to share what I like about them.

This is the resource I am using right now. The focus of this Bible Study resource is accountability and to help you manage you time. They focus on three elements God, Plan, and Move. The God category is the actual Bible Study that you get to do for the six weeks. There is a free option where they give you a verse and a question. The other option where you pay for the entire study commentary and all. The Plan option is when you plan out your day by things you have to do, the most important things to do, and a tentative schedule of the day. Good for those who like check lists. The there is the Move option which is to encourage to help you plan to workout, drink water, and eat healthy. This system is all based off of grace. It isn't about you completing all three options but to help you be successful on what you can accomplish. You can do all of this by joining a Facebook group or Twitter group of your choice. I enjoy the fellowship and accountability.    

I am also currently using this resource too. I received the opportunity along with other women to participate with her newest study Everyday Peace while being trained by Katie Orr herself to lead my own group later on. This study is for busy women who want to study the Bible more in depth but only have limited time. Hence why it is called FOCUSed 15. Katie has set up the Bible study for you to do it only in 15 minutes using the study method FOCUS which you focus only on one set of scripture for a whole week, peeling it apart layer by layer using different Bible Study methods.   

My dear friend Katie Orr has allowed me to use one of her videos to explain this awesome app.

Here is also other resources that Katie showed since she let me use this one : )

Listening to Sermons
Now everyone can admit that there are times in our everyday lives where reading the Bible is hard to do. So on the those days, I go and listen to a sermon. I don't think that is bad because if the pastor is preaching the word, you might just stop it right in the middle of start studying something he had said. So here are some pastors I listen to who preach straight from the word.

When you click on the link, there is a series of boxes
on the left. click on worship times and a popup box
on the side shows up where all his sermons are at

See if your church records your pastor sermons

On those same days that you don't know what to do or your short on time, check out this app from John Piper. He has it online or on an app. He gives you a verse and then a summary under it. I like to go look up the verse and read the whole chapter and get the bigger picture before reading his commentary on it.

What are resources that you use? Please Please share. I would love to check out some new ones too.

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  1. Thank you for this list, Kristina. I use the Blue Letter Bible all of the time and just love ALL of the resources within it alone. I shall look into the others. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! My mom showed me the Blue Letter Bible and at first via website, I didn't get it but the app is soooo much better.

  2. Thanks for your list of resources, I always like to find new ones too. I will have to check these out. It is great that we have so many options available to us. I feel so blessed that I have this much access to study the word of God. Your friend at #TellHisStory :)

    1. So true! The internet really has made that available to us which is just awesome! I remember just using this huge NKJV concordance and looking up words that way. lol I am not that old but what times have brought. I am thankful though for the online community alongside of the resources. such a blessing

  3. Kristina,
    I love all these practical resources! I was interested to hear your honest journey of moving from studying scripture as an obligation to desiring to know him better. I think he honors that! Those resources are helpful -- I use some of them too!

    1. thats exactly what happen! I was that good little girl who did her quiet time everyday but it ever really meant much until that time He got ahold of me. I am so thankful He changed my heart because I enjoy studying the word alot

  4. Thanks for sharing, Kristina. I've never heard of a few of those before, will have to check them out. Such a blessing to set aside time to listen to Him speak through His word. :) ((sweet blessings))


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