Friday, September 16, 2016

Five Minute Friday- Listen - In the Wee Hours of the Night

Here is to another Five Minute Friday. The word is "listen"

In the wee hours of the night, when I suddenly wake up, thoughts come rushing into my mind. What happen the day before. What I wish I could have done differently with so and so. And so on...That is how God gets ahold of me.

Now I have a choice, I either fight all the thoughts which turn into anxiety most of the time and try to go back to bed tossing and turning. Or I can get out of bed and listen to God.

 I am getting better you know. I get out of bed with my IPad and walk into the bathroom and sit down on the edge of the tub in the dark. Less light means better chance of going back to bed when I am done. Then whatever fear, whatever situation I give it to God right there. I draw near to my scripture lists and read and pray over there. It allows me to stop worrying, stop overthinking but just to listen to God and His words. When I do listen, a peace floods my heart. Its 99.99% chance every time. I am thankful that I listened to God.


  1. A beautiful practice!
    Isn't it interesting how much listening we get to do at night? I agree with you about not tossing but getting up and doing the productive thing of listening.

  2. That is a fabulous practice, and one I would do well to incorporate into my own life! Anxiety strikes me all throughout the day, but it's especially bad at night (plus I deal with insomnia; my physical body is just a mess). When I pop awake I will give this a try. And I'll tweet you about it. :)


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