Friday, November 28, 2014

Favorite Friday_ Advent Calendar

In one of my many jobs, I took care of teenagers. We had many many hours to find things to do. As staff we had to be creative to keep them from getting bored. So for Christmas for two years we made advent calendars made out of match boxes. We got like ten match boxes for a dollar at Wal-Mart. Than we got some wrapping paper. That is it! From there with their creativity, each kid who wanted to got to make one. As soon as they were complete, I filled the boxes with small individually wrapped candy like tootsie rolls or jolly ranchers or gum. In random boxes, I made out tiny slips of paper that either had a verse on it for the Christmas season or something nice they had to do for someone else. Maybe one or two of them actually did what they said but that was ok. It was so fun to see what the kids came up with and how they enjoyed making them even if they did not admit it. 

Here is a link where I got some inspiration. Of course googling always works too : )

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