Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Theme Thursday- Accountability

Accountability is one of the keys of success for meeting the goals we set for our kids (and even ourselves). It has always been exciting to see through the years how God has put people in my life to keep me accountable. They gave me so much wisdom and insight through the good and bad times. Their lives were examples to me on how I wanted to live my life. Their presence in my life has made me a better person, which in turn will help me meet the goals I have set for my LO. 

One of the most important people God put into my life at a very hard, but self-discovering time, was a lady named Jo. She taught me that despite my circumstances, God was still working in the here and the now. Just like Christ, she always put others first. Even with her busy schedule of being a mom, staying involved in church and struggling with health problems, Jo was always just a phone call away. She kept me focused on God instead of the bad attitude I was struggling with. Through our relationship, I was able to grow and realize that I was an angry person. When I was angry, I discovered there was a emotion behind the anger. When the people I worked with made me feel insignificant, instead of getting angry I saw how they treated me made me feel inadequate. Without God using Jo, I would have gone through another job struggling with my anger toward people whom I felt were mistreating me.

As a mom now, I have a group of ladies who are also moms that I get to hang out with twice a month. It was fascinating to see how God brought these ladies into my life. They were starting a mommy group, and I wanted to be involved with a group of like-minded people. Plus, my husband and I were trying to have a LO ourselves. Little did I know that after the first meeting, I got pregnant and was able to get a head start on motherhood. When the time came to have my LO, they were even there, always a phone call away. One particular lady had four c sections and was able to be there to help me through my own. They are such a huge encouragement to me. They challenge me to teach my little one the ways of God by beginning even now, despite her being only 4 months old. I know that I look forward to seeing them every time we meet and being blessed that God has given them to me.

God has shown me through the ladies in my life who have kept me accountable how to be accountable to others. First, I need to be intentional. I need to pray and step out in faith intentionally to that person He guides me to. If I am not intentional, it is so easy to just slack off. I know that the friend of mine with four c sections was intentional with me, especially during those countless times I was not able to answer the phone. I am thankful for her being intentional with me. Secondly, when I am keeping someone accountable I need to share with them the promises of God. He is the one that made this relationship happen. He deserves the credit. He is the one who knows my heart and this person's heart and how we can encourage each other. All of that is from His Word. It is His faithfulness to us and in return, our faithfulness to that other person. Thirdly, when we are in an accountability relationship, we have to depend on God and not the other person. That person is going to let us down--no doubt about it. They are as imperfect as we are. God is the only One who is perfect and reliable. In order to be there for someone, we need a God who is reliable and stable, especially when we feel unable to help that person.

So I challenge you to look at the people in your life, past and present, to see how they have challenged you to be a better person. In return, through those relationships, you can grow and be there for your own kids.  

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