Thursday, September 17, 2015

Happy Constitution Day!!

Two years ago I started my journey of learning about our American heritage. It was a mind blowing experience where I discovered how our founding fathers had this strong desire for God's Word and established our country based off of that desire. It was so successful because God was behind it.

I really have not thought about this too much lately because as you know life just goes on. But in the light of the election and debates, it has been brought back to my attention. My pastor said this past Sunday (these are my words but here is the basic idea) that our country is in such a bad spot but that nothing is impossible with God if we lead lives that was Spirit led. His point has not left me all week and after watching the second Republican candidate debate, it really has gotten me to ponder on what's going on. Is it possible for someone like Senator Ted Cruz or Dr. Ben Carson to win the Republican spot and actually win? Or is the media's strong message of Donald Trump or Governor Jeb Bush ultimately going to play out and loose the presidency? I want Senator Ted Cruz to win. He is a man of integrity and character who does what he says. He fights for what is right when everyone else is going against him. He does not see the need to fight back with the other candidates but just states the truth. A man as Senator Ted Cruz should be in the White House. But this post is not for me to tell others about the candidate that I feel should win but what I need to be doing right now.

My prayer is that through this time of campaigning and debating and eliminating that God will soften my heart towards the people of this country and humbly pray for people of character and myself to stand up to make a difference in this country. I don't think it is too late for God to change people's hearts to vote based off of character and not on someone's flashy personality. People can only change their hearts through God's word and knowledge and wisdom. It can just start with one person. God has to be number one in this election in order for the right person to be voted in. I have this hope that it is possible that God can do anything in this situation if all of us as Christians humble ourselves and pray for God's will.

Our country was based off of God's word and people of character. Our country needs to go back to that. It is going to happen if we put God first and pray for our country and this election.

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