Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Favorite Blogs/Podcasts

Here is my updated list of my favorite blogs/podcasts.

5) Jennifer Dukes Lee
Jennifer Dukes Lee was a journalist for sometime until God led her away to be a farmer with her husband in Iowa. She wrote a book called Love Idol which as she puts it, "It's for any woman who needs to know that she has nothing to prove-- that she is 'preapproved in Christ'.". I love her style of writing. She writes about everyday life and makes applicable for all people. If I would meet her, it would seem to be so easy to just sit down with a cup of coffee and talk about life with her. That is what her blog brings.

4) Anna Smit
I met this dear woman online from one of the many linkups I am apart of. She has this amazing blog where she writes about her journey of discovering God's love for her. Her journey started when her mom got a horrible diagnosis of cancer. I love all the scripture she uses in order to show how God works in her but also our own lives. Anna also has written a book about this journey which will be coming out on Mother's Day called Love Embraced. I challenge you to go check out her blog to see the story that God has given to her.

3) Mom Struggling Well podcast

I found this podcast on another bloggers list of podcasts that they listened to. The title caught my attention and as soon as I listened to the first podcast, I knew why it did. The creator of this podcast is Emily Thomas who has a layback personality as she interviews other women but serious about wanting to be a mom who struggles well. I also found out that she was guest on my number one choice with a powerful story of releasing control over to God. I think it was the only podcast that I listened to twice. She isn't afraid to express how she feels about something which makes her so real. At the end of her podcast, she always brings out what she learned and challenges us as the listener to do the same. And I challenge you to do the same with this podcast.

2) True and Faithful by Lisa Appelo
This blog is the oldest blog that I have been following. I found Lisa Appelo's blog "True and Faithful" while I was looking at other Christian blogs. She is one of the reasons I got into the blogging world. Her story is filled with grace and encouragement. She is a widowed mom of seven kids. Appelo's blog is filled with stories of her journey of dealing with loss but always bringing it back to God's faithfulness and amazing grace. She has been able to move on from her husband's death and because of it be able to minister to so many women.

1) God Centered-Mom Podcast

Here is my absolutely favorite blog/podcast: the God Centered Mom by Heather MacFayden. She is a mom of five boys which she has a lot of pride in. Every Monday she interviews someone who tells their story. I love it! I love hearing the stories and the questions she asks to learn more. When she interviews the women she talks to, you can tell she is precise and direct and focused. There are few podcasts where I don't get something from them. Heather is real about her faith and struggles as a mom. She got tried of what she was struggling with and did something with it and God really has blessed her.


  1. Thanks so much for this list, Kristina. I haven't visited some of these as yet, so I'll be sure to check them out!

  2. Kristina - thanks for sharing your list of favorite blogs and podcast, I haven't visited many of their sites as of yet. Blessings, your neighbor at #CoffeeforyourHeart


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