Saturday, November 7, 2015

Praying for 30 days- day 7

In my book (Today I Pray by Stonecroft ministries), they continued on with the parable of the sower focusing on the seeds that fall on the thorny ground that gets choked up because of the cares of this world (Matthew 13:7,22). I also have decided to add Jeremiah 4:1-4 using the New Living Translation instead.
" And some fell among thorns, and the thorns sprang up and choked them...Now he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word, and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful."

"O Israel,” says the Lord,
    “if you wanted to return to me, you could.
You could throw away your detestable idols
    and stray away no more.
Then when you swear by my name, saying,
    ‘As surely as the Lord lives,’
you could do so
    with truth, justice, and righteousness.
Then you would be a blessing to the nations of the world,
    and all people would come and praise my name!
This is what the Lord says to the people of Judah and Jerusalem:
“Plow up the hard ground of your hearts!
    Do not waste your good seed among thorns.
O people of Judah and Jerusalem,
    surrender your pride and power.
Change your hearts before the Lord,[a]
    or my anger will burn like an unquenchable fire
    because of all your sins"
Father, I ask that the pleasures of this world and the pressures of life will not choke the Word of God that has been sown into ______'s life.

In our world today there are people who have heard the word of God, who can even quote it, but the pleasures and pressures of this world has prevented God's word to bear fruit in their lives. It is actually very common in the church today.

I grew up in a home where everyone was a new believer and was growing spiritually together. My mom would say that she wishes to do things differently if she could do it over again. I was the "good" child, doing everything "right" except only right in my own eyes. I grew up memorizing God's word in Awana and doing my quiet times every morning but I did it all in my own strength. The pleasures of this world was my motivation, wanting boys to like me, wanting people to tell me that I was so good at the things I did. The word of God was there but I don't think it took deep roots at all. I had not concept of grace but only what the world thought of me. I was an example of the thorny soil. But thankfully God kept using circumstances and people in my life to show me grace and that it only came from trusting in Him and His word. I am thankful that He did not give up on me.

Just like In verse three and four in chapter four of Jeremiah, God calls out to those who have heard His word but chooses the the things of this world. You can hear Him pleading, "Plow the hard ground of your hearts! Surrender your pride and power! Change your heart towards Me!".

I challenge you to find a person who you know has heard God's word but you just dont know if they truly know God. Pray the prayer above for them today. I too have someone that God has brought to my attention just yesterday. What am I going to do with this? Am I going to ignore it or pray about how God wants me to use His word to water the seeds that just continue to be choked up by this world and its demands?

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