Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 2 #31daysLWSZ Challenge

Yesterday I joined some of the Living Well Spending Zero "runners" to gather together on periscope ready to see what Ruth Soukup had to say for our first day. She answered a lot of questions that were streaming up on the screen, pumping up the ones who were uneasy and uncertain about what they were getting into. I was ready to see what our first step was. I will admit it was all introductory and where I found out I was one step ahead of everyone already knowing what was in my pantry. Ruth then told us that we needed to decide what we had to spend on with the basic essentials. That made me see that being on the envelope system made Cyrus and I one step ahead of everyone else. Everyone seemed to have little direction or fretting about the coffee they were going to miss. Don't get me wrong there is still stuff that I need to learn. I can't wait to see the ways I can get creative as she says you will have to. So I decided to step forward and spend what we decided on with our grocery budget. The only difference would be that I wanted to only spend half of what we normally would spend and not spend on anymore the rest of the month. Normally I go shopping twice a month but not this time because I want to depend on what I have in the house. That is what I am excited to see what I learn about. So we went shopping and found some good deals. My hubbie even contributed and made dinner. So let's see what Ruth will say this morning. 

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