Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 3 #31daysLWSZ- Blessings and my pantry

Well yesterday was a very good day despite missing the periscope message in the morning. I was able to go out with my mother in law fully wanting to surprise her and pay for the new place I found. She has spoiled my little one and I the past 2 weeks buying us things and taking us out since I had to drive her to her eye appointment since she had her cataracts surgery done. So like I said I wanted to tell her I appreciate her spoiling us. I know that I am not suppose to go out to eat for this month but my mother in law and I planned this a week ago and plus Cyrus and I budget it in our envelopes. Well when we got there, I told her I would pay for it and she said no because she wanted to take us somewhere nice. I told her she did that the past few weeks and we budgeted for it. She still said no. I mean I really wanted to do this but instead she blessed Cyrus and I for being so good with our budgeting. So I got spoiled once again and have not spend anything yet.
Along with the periscope message, I also get an email. My challenge was to go through my pantry and see what we had and organize it. I was excited because I only wrote down what I had but did not organize it. While I was organizing it, I found some cornbread which I did not know I had. I was very excited about that too. Now I cant wait to see what I am going to come up with with all this stuff we now have. That is where the challenge will begin.

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