Sunday, October 4, 2015

Day 5 #31daysLWSZ- Meal Swap

Yesterday's challenge was something I was not expecting at all but became more and more excited as I learned more about it. Since it was Sunday, we had our periscope meeting at three instead of ten thirty. This just made me so happy that this challenge was led by someone who was Christian that attended church. Before the meeting I read up on our email and found our challenge was meal swapping. I never heard of it before but the basic idea is that you and one or more people get together make some meals and swap them between themselves. Ruth told us at our periscope meeting that it was a time to get together and have fun but also save money on gaining other meals from your friends all the while blessing them too. So for example, if I go over to my friend's house and she invites two other people. That is three meals I get to take home. Kinda cool.

So after periscoping, I went on Facebook and asked four of my friends that I think might want to try this. I found out that one of them already sort of does this every August with her friend and was unable to do it this year. One person. Check. Then I thought of another girl who is going to have her first baby next month and thought she would love to have some meals. She is a maybe! : ) It then made me think of another mom who is also going to have her second little one in November also. It really got me thinking of how the church could do this for pregnant women in their church. A fun time of fellowship while blessing a mom to be. Just a thought : )

Yesterday I also used a can of crab soup that I really never ever thought I would use but I found good use for it. I just added more crab, some milk, and some cornstarch to thicken it up. I then put this sauce on top of noodles and top it off with breadcrumbs and cheese. It was not bad. Kinda salty but thinking next time I could add corn or even put it on toast. I think I will do that today.
I am very happy with this day. I learned a lot but also got me thinking about other people in the process. Kinda like being a Proverbs 31 woman : )    

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