Sunday, October 18, 2015

Flying with a Little One

This past Monday, early in the morning, my fifteen month old little one and I got on an airplane to go see my family. My Grandpa Cook died and we were coming to support my dad and his family (more about that later). The last time I flew with my little one was when she was four months old. There were hard things with that but this time was a little harder. Here some tips from what I learned when flying with a little one:

1) Pack the essentials only
I had a backpack carrier, diaper bag, purse, my personal bag, and the car seat to carry. Yes that sounds crazy and yes I am not doing it again. I determined to carry what is only important which means sharing getting rid of my purse and personal bag and combine it with her diaper. The carrier is heavy but having three bags especially one of them with small straps really hurt my shoulders more. So when we go back home I am only carrying her diaper bag, the car seat, and the carrier.

2) Don't reject anyone who wants to help you
I was unbelievably thankful for all the nice people that helped me! It was tempting at first to be prideful and I say I got it but I would be lying. Being prideful is not worth the pain and frustration you can have trying to do it all on your own. Maybe that's just me.

3) Chew chew chew
When my little one was four months, her ears did not brother her when we ascended and descended on the plane. But I felt like it would be different this time. I know as an adult I know that chewing gum and yawning helps me but my fifteen month old wouldn't get that. But she still had to keep her jaw moving. So I had some cereal and always had some sort of drink every time we ascended and descended. It really worked. She actually whimpered and tugged at her ear and I gave her some cereal  and she stopped.

4) Having a car seat
Besides needing it here while visiting my family, I am so glad that I had a car seat. It made it clear to my little one we were traveling where she accepted that she was in her car seat. There was another lady with a little one and did not have a car seat and it really seemed like a struggle for her. Yes, she did have two others with her but it would seem to be easier if at least one of them was in a car seat so she could have focused on the other two. Also make sure your car seat is FAA approved because one of the flight attendants questioned if it was. I freaked out because I assumed it was since it was new that it was ok. Another thing I did not know about or even thought about was assigning my little one a window seat. The flight attendant told us we had to move to the window seat because of regulations. So both times I had to switch with the other passenger. I am glad neither of them were grumpy about it.

5) What to pack in the diaper bag
My little one is very low key where she didn't play too much with most of the toys I packed for her. So on the way home, I am going to pack less toys along with a few diapers, wipes, a snack or two, her cup, an outfit (which I actually had to use), my wallet, and my ipad. I am excited to see how it will go for us next time.

It was an exhausting trip but I have to say that God gave extra grace those times I wanted to cry. For example, every time I needed help someone asked, because my little one was so good we got a free box of snacks, and my little one slept for almost the entire four hour and fifty minute flight. God was good.


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