Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 9 #31daysLWSZ- cleaning the house

We are now starting the second phase of our challenge which is cleaning your house. To start out we had to get rid of the clutter to get ready for the big cleaning. I was so motivated that my house looks pretty good and not cluttered. I filled my laundry basket full. It was a very successful and motivating day.

Here is some cleaning tips that has always helped me and keep me motivated:
1) Play some music or a podcast
    Some of my favorites is listening to old school 
    Christian music on You Tube
    I also like to listen to Lecrae also on You Tube
    Here is also some of my favorite podcasts

2) Start with one room and gather things up and
    put it in one pile- stick to the room until done (that's hard for me but its works)
    I do really like Ruth's idea of carrying a laundry basket too and filling it up

3) If you have stairs to climb, leave things at the bottom of the stairs so that when you go upstairs you can take them with you instead of going up and down the stairs. (Maybe that's just me because once I start cleaning I can get sporadic and leave a room to go and start another even if the other room is not done lol)

4) Its ok to have a junk drawer
    for those random odds and ends : )

5) Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but sometimes I take a 20 min break and watch a 20 min show on Netflix to remotivate myself.
    like today, I took a 20 min break and watched 30 Rock and then got right back to cleaning again

These are only a few ideas that helped me out today for a simple clutter clean up task like yesterday.

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