Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Putting love into action

My time with my family is coming to an end and it has been a rewarding trip which I am thankful for. Well as I stated before, my Grandpa Cook died on October 12th early in the morning. Goober and I got on the airplane that morning to come for my dad and his family. I will admit that I was not planning to come because I wasn't really close to him. But after talking with Cyrus, my hubbie, who is very close to his grandparents, I decided to take the trip. I dedicated the trip to be there for all my relatives.
The first week was so busy spending time with my dad's side of the family. All the brothers were there except one. That doesn't happen often. My dad's side of the family are private people so there was no service for my grandpa except for a dinner with all relatives that could come to share stories about him. It was comforting as my huge family crowded together in my mom and dad's house telling stories from different points of view about grandpa. I even got to see my dad cry a little bit for the first time. It was a blessing for me to be there for my dad's family.
Every Thursday, my mom goes over to her parents house to take my grandma who is suffering from dementia out to coffee. My grandma always looks forward to it and it gives grandpa mcnabb time away from everything. But this time, grandma had a surprise because we decided to keep from her that goober and I were in town. Grandma and grandpa were so happy to see us. I even got greeted the following Thursday with a hug from grandpa who is not a hugger. Mom and I were intentional to stay over longer so that they could see goober more. It was so rewarding to be able to spend intentional time with them to bless them.
I also made the initiative to try to spend time with my cousins who have kids the same age as goober. The thing though about these cousins was that I never tried to get to know them when I was younger because I always thought they thought they were better than me. Now as an adult I know I was wrong and wanted to make it right. In result I got to spend time with one of them twice and it was such a blessing to have some conversations with her to get to know her more.

See the point is when I got out to visit my family I don't make it about them but all about me. I am so thankful that God has been working on my heart and having me listen to what He wants me to do to love others instead of fighting Him with what I want to do.

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