Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Day 8 #31dayLWSZ- Reflection

I am going to answer some questions Ruth challenged us to answer for the challenge.

What was the SCARIEST part of starting this challenge?
I was afraid that I was not going to have enough food. Yes I did go shopping for some food on the first day but it was really just two types of meat, some produce, and the basic essentials.

What is the ONE thing you are most excited to get out of this challenge?
How to become more creative with meal preparing and how I use my time.

What has been the BIGGEST struggle this week?
My pride. I went into it thinking that I was ahead of everyone else since my hubbie and I already have a strict budget as it is, but I realize that there are things that I still need to work out concerning things with being a mom who lives well and spends less : )

Where were you most tempted (or where did you) CHEAT?
I was tempted to go out and just find a snack through a Burger King drive through but didn't go. I also have to say that my in-laws have spoiled us a lot because I have eaten out and gotten ice cream without playing a cent : )  

What are you MOST worried about looking forward?
Honestly, I am not sure. Maybe that I don't learn anything : (

Did you have any "AHA" moments?

What has been the MOST surprising thing about not spending this week?
I don't think there was anything. Just glad I am doing the challenge.

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